Booking and Availability

The two calendars below show when the Main Hall and the Committee Room have confirmed bookings or are likely to be in use by our regular users.

Please treat these calendars as a guide, they are updated regularly. If you wish to make a booking, please select the room (Main Hall, Committee Room, or both), navigate to your chosen date, click on the + icon and follow the instructions to complete the form to make your booking request.

Please be aware:

  • We do not accept the use of bouncy castles or large inflatables in the hall or within the grounds of the hall.
  • If you do not hire the whole building then there may be activities occurring in the other space which will result in shared use of the kitchen and other facilities.
  • Booking through this page is only a request and does not guarantee a confirmed booking until you have received confirmation from our bookings secretary via your email.
  • You will receive an invoice via your email prior to your booking occurring; payment in full of this invoice must be completed prior to your event.

Occasionally, we have last-minute bookings or cancellations which may not show on these calendars. Some of our regular users are prepared to be flexible to fit around special events given sufficient warning, so again please contact us via email to discuss your event: